Once a settlement or verdict is reached, how long will it take to receive the funds?

Once a case is settled, typically, funds can be dispersed within a week or two weeks, particularly if it’s with a local insurance company. There are a number of steps we want to make our clients aware of when they do receive large amounts of money.

We do recommend that they do see a number of financial professionals or advisers that we know will not charge them anything to just give them good advice. People are not used to handling or investing large sums of money often times. They’re good at what they do. They may be a physician. They may be an engineer. They may be a woodworker who, they know exactly how to do their job, but they’re not used to managing money and that’s a job in and of itself that requires professionals.

So we’re very concerned when we get people recovery that we’re proud of that they do everything to maximize it once they get the funds. So, over the years, we’ve dealt with a variety of professionals in the field of economics, in the field of stock brokerage, and the field of investments.

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