Is there a fee for recovering property damage to an automobile?

One thing I’m proudest about is that we do things differently. First, if you’re in a personal injury case and you have property damage to your automobile, we never take a fee for recovering that property damage. Whether you have a $20,000 car or a $200,000 car, we’ll see that car get appropriately repaired or that you’ll get replacement value for that car, without any fee whatsoever. Now, we also have medical professionals that can assist with medical records, medical chronology, to make sure medical records are complete. A lot of firms farm those out to independent contractors and they bill you separately; we do not. We also have four legal investigators on our staff and they do a great deal of the investigation work required in a number of cases. A lot of firms just hire investigative services and then they bill that to the client. We have those services in-house, those people are loyal to us and only for our clients. We have found in the past that that is what we really need to be able to serve our clients at the level we want to see them being served, and that we can achieve the best results for them.

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