Is there a case that was particularly memorable to you?

The Younkers fire case was one of Iowa’s largest disasters. There were 10 people who were killed and 5 were seriously injured. We were presented with an incredible investigation task. We had to put together a number of resources to get the appropriate experts on the scene, to preserve evidence. We worked with state and local fire officials, we engaged one of the top medical examiners in the country as part of our team. We ended up with a number of engineers and other scientists coming together to find the true cause and origin of that fire. That case was tried for two and a half months, before an Iowa jury, on strictly the cause and origin of the fire only. And that case was the first Iowa case to be televised in this state. We’re very proud of the result we received in this case. It has been kind of a watershed case for our firm, it was really a monument to what we can do as dedicated professionals with our knowledge, resources, and vision.

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