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Driving along the highway next to or behind an 18-wheeler gives some motorists a swift rush of panic.
It is easy to understand why when you consider the substantial size difference between the typical passenger
vehicle and the average tractor-trailer. Imagine the terror of seeing the trailer in front of you begin
to detach or watching the cargo load abruptly fall off or out of the truck. This is the horrifying sight
that many drivers see each year as improperly secured loads turn the roadway into a hazardous minefield
of obstructions.

Even if you follow at a safe distance, it may be impossible to prevent a collision with a semi-trailer
or its cargo. Accordingly, you may wish to pursue a lawsuit against the trucking company or trucker
whose negligence resulted in your accident. Contact the Des Moines improperly secured load lawyers of
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Three Dangers of Improperly Secured Cargo

Since the primary function of commercial trucking is to transport large quantities or massive goods
from one place to another, it would seem like securing those goods should be a priority for a truck
driver or trucking company. But in the rush to meet deadlines, sometimes the important details slip
out of mind to disastrous effect. There are three specific points of risk at which a failure to properly
secure a load will likely manifest. These are:

  • Hitch connections between trailers or between the truck and trailer
  • Lashes, ropes, and other devices meant to fix the cargo in place during transit
  • The doors or valves that close a load off from the outside of the vehicle

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