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Commercial vehicles can cause catastrophic damage in the event of an accident, and the potential for severe injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and death, is a real and serious threat to those involved. At the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., our Des Moines trucking accident attorneys are committed to protecting victims’ rights and will vigorously promote their interests in a court of law if necessary.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, 18-wheeler, or semi-truck, contact the LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (515) 225-2600 for a consultation with an experienced Des Moines truck accident lawyer.

Legal Support for Truck Accident Victims

The devastating injuries frequently caused by commercial truck, 18-wheeler, and tractor-trailer collisions create physical, emotional, and financial difficulties for trucking accident victims and their families. At the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., we are committed to helping injury victims protect their rights. Contact our offices to learn more about:

Whether your injuries were caused by the negligent driver of a semi-truck or the unethical business practices of a trucking corporation, the LaMarca Law Group, P.C. is equipped to help. With years of civil litigation experience and the resources to take on any opponent, we will stand by you and your family as you seek the compensation you deserve.

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Fighting Against Dangerous Trucking Practices

George A. LaMarca is an active member of the Association of Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America. The AITLA is a national association of committed trial lawyers who have joined together to help eliminate unsafe and illegal interstate trucking practices. Through the combined efforts of its member attorneys, this organization supports education, litigation, and legislation to make America’s highways a safer place tomorrow for our families, our clients, and all Americans.

The mission of AITLA is to dramatically reduce the number of traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths across America that are caused by trucking companies who are unsafe. Its members are committed to the organization’s motto of “Putting the Brakes on Unsafe Trucking Companies.” AITLA attorneys have attained extremely high levels of professional and national achievement and recognition in the area of law known as interstate trucking litigation. Membership in this prestigious organization is open only to ethical plaintiff’s lawyers who pledge to join together with other member attorneys to accomplish the stated mission of this organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hurt in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, you deserve to know your rights and what steps you can take to obtain the justice that you and your family deserve. The Des Moines truck accident attorneys of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C. want to make sure that you know what legal options are available to you if you’ve been hurt by a reckless truck driver or negligent trucking company. We have provided the answers to some frequently asked questions below and we are standing by to answer any questions you may have about your case. Contact us at (515) 225-2600 today.

What is a “commercial vehicle” exactly?

The term commercial vehicle is commonly used to describe any vehicle that is used to transport commercial goods or is used in the course of daily business. It is commonly used when referring to 18-wheelers or “big rigs”, but also applies to delivery vehicles, sixteen passenger vans, tanker trucks, and other large freight vehicles. Many businesses use consumer trucks for their companies’ regular operations, but most commercial vehicles are larger, heavier, and require a special commercial drivers’ license in order for the driver to operate them.

How do commercial truck and passenger vehicle accidents happen?

Collisions between large trucks and passenger vehicles happen every day on the roads and highways across the U.S. The majority of these accidents can be attributed to the size and handling nature of these large vehicles, and the drivers of passenger cars and truck’s failure to keep a safe distance and staying out of the truck’s many blind spots when driving near a large passenger vehicle. When these two factors are at play, serious injury accidents may occur. Trucks have limited visibility and “no-zones” and have serious limitations on braking and maneuverability to avoid collisions. Because of these characteristics, drivers of passenger vehicles should make sure to drive with caution when they are near an 18-wheeler on the road.

What is a “No-Zone” on a commercial truck?

The term “no-zone” refers to areas on large commercial vehicles that have very limited or zero visibility for the driver, due to the sheer size of the truck. these areas are directly behind the truck and immediately to the rear right and rear left of the truck. If a passenger vehicle is in the truck’s no-zone, the truck driver may not be able to see the car when merging, changing lanes, or making other maneuvers on the road, and a collision may occur.

Contact a Des Moines Truck Accident Lawyer

Filing a personal injury lawsuit in a truck accident case is a complex process and can be daunting to someone who lacks an exhaustive understanding of the law. For that reason, it is in your best interest to promptly seek legal counsel to determine your rights and to timely bring a personal injury claim.

At the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., our Des Moines semi truck and tractor-trailer accident attorneys can bring their extensive litigation experience and aggressive representation to bear for you and your family. To schedule a free consultation with an Iowa truck accident lawyer, contact our law firm today at (515) 225-2600.

All claims must be brought within a certain time or they are lost forever, irrespective of the merits, so you should promptly call an attorney after any type of motor vehicle injury or death.

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