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Just as there are licensing and training requirements for the drivers of passenger cars, so too are there restrictions and conditions placed on the operators of commercial vehicles, including trains. It is a common sense approach to a situation that involves the use of a complex machine that has the potential to do tremendous harm to people and property when it is driven improperly.

When railroad companies fail to ensure that their employees have all the necessary training and certifications to prove that they can safely operate a train, they compromise the security of pedestrians, passengers, and other innocent motorists.

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Fatal Failures

Once you have become familiar with and accustomed to driving your vehicle, it can be easy to take for granted the little things on the roadway or in your car. For example, the shifting of a manual transmission or the observance of posted speed limits may become thoughtless and second nature. But there are so many subtleties involved in the operation of a train that it is critical that an engineer be intimately acquainted with a much wider variety of concerns, including:

  • Speed limits
  • Interpretation of Signal Lights
  • Track Switching
  • Braking, Acceleration, and Reversing Mechanisms

When a train operator is poorly trained or under-qualified, he or she is far more likely to make one of these mistakes and injure innocent people. If you have been injured by a poorly trained train operator, you deserve to be compensated for any and all injuries that you have unnecessarily suffered. Your injuries were not your fault, and paying for them should not be your responsibility.

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