Use of Ineffective Treatments

Although physicians rarely intend to cause their patients harm, medical mistakes and misguided or outdated professional insights can create circumstances that accomplish precisely this. One of the troubling ways that this presents itself in patient care is in the continuing use of ineffective treatments instead of evaluating and pursuing alternative methods.

By doing this, a doctor can complicate a patient’s health in many different ways. Progressive illnesses that are not receiving a suitable treatment may advance to a stage where substantially more medical care is necessitated, if a full recovery is even still possible at that point.

You and your loved ones deserve to receive medical care that is appropriate for your specific health concerns, and if your physician chooses to insist upon a course of care that has proven to be ineffective, then you may be able to file a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for the harm that you have suffered. Contact the Des Moines ineffective treatments lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (515) 225-2600.

Examples of Ineffective Treatments

There is no question that modern medicine is more advanced than the medical arts have been at any point previously in history. Developments in diagnostic technology, the evolution of new surgical procedures, and the discovery of incredibly powerful medications have combined with a greater understanding of the human body and the illnesses that affect it to save countless lives. But it is a complicated field and breakdowns in any phase of treatment can have disastrous effects. Examples of ineffective treatments may include:

  • Failure to prescribe proper medications, relying instead upon changes of patient lifestyle
  • Continuing to utilize a medication that has not helped instead of pursuing alternatives
  • Limiting a cancer patient to chemotherapy and not considering radiation where appropriate

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