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When you have suffered a serious accident, injury, or other calamity, the last thing you need is frustration with your insurance company. Unfortunately, your insurer is not really there to help you during a difficult time; they are there to turn a profit. A review of case law reveals many instances in which insurance companies have denied valid claims from their loyal clients.

If you are struggling to receive fair payments from your insurance company, the Iowa insurance bad faith lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C. are ready to help. We will put our extensive legal experience and knowledge to work for you. Call us at (515) 225-2600 today.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance bad faith is a problem that occurs all too often in our country. It occurs whenever an insurer fails to honor a claim for unfair reasons. Sadly, many unscrupulous insurers are more interested in earning a profit than honoring contracts; they assume their customers will not have the resources or the willingness to fight back.

Insurance companies have used many tactics to avoid paying for claims, ranging from the subtle to the obvious. You may want to speak with a Des Moines insurance claim attorney if you suspect you have been the victim of tactics like:

  • Failure to fully and properly investigate a claim
  • Refusing to settle a case brought against an insured party
  • Refusing to pay benefits equal to the full value of the customer’s loss
  • Delaying payment of a claim for an unreasonably long time
  • Interpreting the language of an insurance policy in an unreasonable manner
  • Denying benefits that should be paid
  • Asserting wrongly that a given loss is not covered by the policy

Our Iowa insurance claims lawyers simply want insurance companies to honor the contracts they have made with their clients. We use all of the legal resources at our disposal to accomplish this. Let us help you and your family fight for the insurance payments you need.

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You do not need to let manipulative or outright fraudulent insurers take advantage of you. For experienced assistance with your legal claim, contact the Iowa insurance bad faith attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (515) 225-2600. Your initial consultation is free.

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