Des Moines Drunk Boating Accident Lawyers

Operating any vehicle or heavy machinery under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other controlled substances is incredibly dangerous. While intoxicated, an individual’s judgment, situational awareness, and reaction time are all impaired. This significant reduction of a boat captain’s capacities creates a substantial risk of a boating accident.

Moreover, a drunk boater’s inability to take evasive maneuvers or to otherwise lessen an impact increases the likelihood that a collision will be more serious than it would have been if the boat had been operated by a sober person.

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Factors That Make Drunk Boating Particularly Hazardous

Though similar to driving in the sense that boating involves the operation of a motor vehicle, it is also distinctly different in a number of other ways. Licensed boaters receive training about some of the specific dangers that one might face out on the water, but they may fail to observe the appropriate precautions and neglect important elements of their training when they are under the influence.

Drunk boating is particularly hazardous because:

  • Dehydration is likely and can further impair a boater’s ability
  • Drowning is a serious risk for anyone thrown overboard by an impact while far from land
  • There is no braking mechanism that can stop a boat on short notice

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