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There are many types of aviation accidents, from non-fatal accidents involving privately owned aircraft to high-profile incidents involving commercial aircraft. Unfortunately, because of the nature of aviation accidents, they often result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in an aviation accident, an attorney from our firm can help. The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at the law firm of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. have extensive experience with aviation litigation, and they can bring their practical trial experience and diligence to bear on your case.

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Aviation Accident Lawsuits

If you have been injured in an aviation accident, LaMarca Law Group, P.C. will work tirelessly to help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. If a loved one has been killed in an aviation accident, a knowledgeable attorney can guide your family through the process of filing a wrongful death claim. The attorneys at LaMarca Law Group, P.C. have handled a number of general aviation cases involving:

At LaMarca Law Group, P.C. aviation accident victims can consult with a lawyer who has extensive experience handling airplane and helicopter crash cases. Rest assured that a Des Moines airplane injury attorney from LaMarca Law Group, P.C. will work diligently to secure the compensation that you and your family deserve. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

Aviation Accidents and the Law

An aviation accident can result in catastrophic injuries, including burns, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury. Though not all aviation accidents lead to catastrophic aircraft failures, severe injury, or death, all aviation accidents do involve complex investigation and legal issues.

If an airline crash involves a common carrier, for example, the right to recover damages will be greatly affected by whether the flight was domestic or international. International flights limit damages unless the injured party can prove “willful misconduct” on the part of the airline company. For example, lawyers on behalf of the bombing of a Pan American flight over Lockerbie, Scotland were able to successfully argue that such limitations did not apply because Pan American willfully failed to comply with anti-terrorist security procedures. Domestic flights do not have such limitations on compensation, because international treaties do not apply to them.

If you have been in an aviation accident, an experienced Des Moines airplane accident lawyer from LaMarca Law Group, P.C. can explain the complexities of your case and your rights.

A number of state and federal cases and statutes will affect numerous legal decisions regarding how to best protect an injured party’s claim. These cases and statutes will affect decisions such as what court will present the most favorable forum for the claim. The legal analysis is only part of the complex issues raised by an aviation accident. Airplanes and helicopters are extremely sophisticated pieces of machinery. The investigation into the failure of even the most simplistic flying machines requires a specialized understanding of avionics, aircraft design, inspection protocols, maintenance procedures, forensic weather information, and pilot responsibilities. Aviation accidents can be caused by pilot error, air traffic control error, mechanical failure, improper maintenance, inadequate inspections, sabotage, and miscalculations by pilots or others regarding weather or fuel. The liability for such incidents can involve not only the pilot and aircraft owner, but a multitude of other parties, including the airport, the mechanics, and the aircraft and component parts manufacturers.

Contact a Des Moines Aviation Accident Lawyer

George A. LaMarca has handled a variety of aviation incident claims. In addition to being a board certified trial lawyer for over 30 years, he is well-versed and familiar with the technical language used by the industry and this knowledge assists him in the investigation of aviation incidents. This knowledge, together with his experience in handling aviation accident cases, directly assists him in developing questions for pilots, flight control personnel, aircraft mechanics, and manufacturers, and working with a variety of air crash investigators and governmental agencies such as the NTSB and FAA.

If you would like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation about your aviation accident case, contact LaMarca Law Group, P.C. today at (515) 225-2600 to discuss your situation with a Des Moines aviation accident attorney. The statute of limitations limits the amount of time a plaintiff can file a claim after he or she has been injured, so it is important that you act quickly to protect your rights.

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