Des Moines compensates citizens hurt in snowplow accidents

Des Moines city officials said this year’s winter season caused 11 snowplow accidents and two personal injuries to its residents, according to the Des Moines Register on April 28.

According to Des Moines Public Works Director Jonathan Gano, what usually causes minor snowplow accidents is a secondary wing plow, a device positioned on the passenger side of trucks that hangs toward the curb at a level of 6 to 8 feet. The nine accidents that were less serious and did not result in injury, such as mailboxes and poles knocked over, costed the city $16,300. The two injurious accidents, however, may cost the city up to $20,000 each.

City Attorney Jeff Lester said snowplow accidents are expected each year during this season due to the long shifts of snowplow operators, numerous miles traveled by each vehicle, and possible rough road conditions.

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Snowplow accident victim awarded $435,000

The Iowa State Appeal Board decided on October 6 to award payment of $435,000 to Larry Van Westen, a man who was hit by a state snowplow in a February 2012 vehicular accident near Sioux Rapids, the Globe Gazette reported.

The accident transpired when a state Department of Transportation snowplow committed driver error. Eastbound, the snow plow pulled in front of Van Westen’s van, which was heading south on U.S. Route 71. The Clay County Sheriff’s Department conducted the investigation on the incident and the driver from the DoT was charged with failure to yield upon entering the highway.

The three-member panel, which consisted of State Auditor Mary Mosiman, Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald, and state Department of Management director David Roederer, also awarded $10,000 to Van Westen’s wife.

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