Man files lawsuit against Texas Roadhouse after slipping on peanuts

An Iowa man filed a premises liability lawsuit in federal court on Friday, May 6 against national steakhouse chain Texas Roadhouse after his knee was shattered when he slipped on the floor of the restaurant’s Cedar Falls branch in February 2015. The man attributed the fall to its employees’ negligence and recklessness because they did not clean up the scattered peanut shells on the floor.

According to the plaintiff’s attorneys, Texas Roadhouse is known for providing diners with free buckets of dry-roasted peanuts whose shells can be thrown on the floor. The attorneys noted that the “marketing gimmick” contributed to “extremely dangerous” conditions inside the restaurant. A similar lawsuit was filed in 2013 against Texas Roadhouse when a Texas woman said she slipped on peanut shells at the restaurant’s branch in Harlingen and asked for over $1 million in damages.

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Cities consider sledding bans

Many local governments have played with the idea of banning sledding, according to the Kansas City Star on February 16, in order to protect the safety of residents and prevent large lawsuits.

Just this January, city council members in Dubuque, Iowa voted to ban sledding in 48 of the city’s 50 public parks and mete out a $750 penalty on those who commit the offense.

Other cities that have also instituted the same protocols are Montville, New Jersey; Lincoln, Nebraska; Columbia City, Indiana; Des Moines, Iowa; and Paxton, Illinois. In Paxton, officials even took away constructed sledding mounds. Other cities have mandated helmets or other safety measures.

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