No limit on GM compensation fund

General Motors claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg said he will not give a concrete estimate of the full cost of GM’s compensation package to the families of the victims who died due to GM vehicles’ defective ignition switches, The Associated Press reported on June 30.

Because public claims filing has not yet begun, Feinberg said calculating the amount of claims and compensation is premature at this point. However, GM did not give him a cap on the amount of money he can give to families who qualify. Filing for claims will start on August 1 and end on December 31 of this year.

Feinberg’s announcement came the same day that GM recalled 8.2 million vehicles – a number that increased this year’s recalls to 40 million vehicles. Accidents or injuries related to this recall will not be eligible under this particular claims process.

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GM started settlement talks over faulty ignition switch claims

Kenneth Feinberg, mediator for automaker General Motors Co., announced that the company started talks to settle over 300 claims in connection with the faulty ignition switch problem associated with some of its older model small compact cars, Product Design & Development reported on May 5.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Feinberg said he discussed the issue with Corpus Christi, Texas lawyer Robert Hilliard, who represents the estate of 53 people who died and 273 people who were injured due to defective ignition switches, on May 2. Feinberg did not detail salient points of the meeting but commented that, “I’m evaluating various compensation options for GM to consider.”

Most of the faulty switches were found in Chevrolet Cobalts and Saturn Ions. The defective switches were said to disengage from the “run” position, causing the engine to suddenly shut down.

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