MLB pitcher, Bobby Jenks, victim of medical mistake

Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Bobby Jenks, revealed this week how became the victim of a medical mistake after undergoing surgery on his spine.

Last December, Jenks went to Massachusetts General Hospital to have two of his four bone spurs removed from his spine. While doctors successfully removed two of the bone spurs, they started on the third but failed to finish. The spur was serrated, leaving holes that allowed spinal fluid to leak out.

Jenks noticed something was wrong when fluid began to leak out of his incision about two weeks after the surgery. A second operation found the mistake and an infection that was caused by the open spur.

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Woman receives $1.5 million in settlement with UIHC

A 56-year-old woman recently received $1.5 million in a settlement with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics after one of the hospital’s surgeons made a mistake while performing a kidney transplant on the woman.

According to the lawsuit the woman filed against UIHC, she underwent a kidney transplant at the hospital in 2008, and during the surgery, the surgeon accidentally cut into her pancreas. Because the woman is diabetic, the accidental cut did significant damage to her body because the pancreas produces insulin to regulate the body’s sugar levels. The woman is now dependent on a steady supply of insulin that is injected by a pump, and she was left unable to work.

The woman was given $1.5 million in the settlement with the hospital to pay for past and future medical expenses.

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Man Sues Doctor After Going Blind

An Illinois man has filed a lawsuit against a doctor and the hospital in which he works because the man went  blind after undergoing a spine surgery that the doctor performed.

The man, who was having bone fragments removed from the lumbar region of his spine, remained face-down for 250 minutes while the surgery was performed. He was found to be unresponsive immediately following the surgery and was not able to move his arms or see. While movement in his arms returned, he remained blind.

The man is seeking $50,000 in compensatory and punitive damages.

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