Three house fires in four days in Iowa

From Saturday to Tuesday there were four house fires in the state of Iowa, one proved fatal and killed an 18 year-old man.

Fire Marshals claim that most fires occur between October and May, and especially during the winter months. Investigators believe the house fire that killed the teenager was caused by a space heater. The smoke alarms in the home were not working at the time the fire broke out.

Firefighters say that 86% of deadly fires are caused because homes or apartments do not have working smoke detectors. The fire marshal’s office donated and installed over 20,000 smoke detectors in homes with young children and an additional 11,000 will be installed free of charge.

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Home destroyed in Des Moines fire

A home in a mobile home park in north Des Moines was destroyed by fire on Tuesday around 5 p.m.

Firefighters arrived on the scene after receiving a call from passerbyers who had spotted the fire. However, it was difficult for fire trucks to actually reach the scene because the road leading to the mobile home park had not been cleared after a freezing rain on Monday. Although they were able to extinguish the fire before it spread to other residences, the home was destroyed. Luckily, no one was hurt in the fire.

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Des Moines restaurant fire causes minimal damage

A fire at Wellman’s Pub & Rooftop in West Des Moines early Sunday evening began in a trash container outside the back of the restaurant, but threatened to spread to the building. The staff was able to keep it in check with the use of fire extinguishers so that once fire personnel arrived, they were able to extinguish the fire quickly. The fire caused minimal damage to the outside of the building. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The West Des Moines Fire Marshal said restaurant patrons sitting on the restaurant’s rooftop patio were the first to report seeing smoke from the fire. Fans attending the Principal Charity Classic golf tournament at Glen Oaks Country Club also reported seeing smoke from the fire. While traffic from the golf tournament was slow-moving at the time of the fire, it didn’t present a problem in the fire department’s timely response.

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Des Moines woman dies in fire

A woman was found dead at a fire scene Wednesday morning on the northwest side of Des Moines.  Fire inspectors are trying to determine a cause.  A representative of the Polk County medical examiner’s office was on the scene at the deceased woman’s home on 46th Street.  A neighbor reported the fire shortly before 5 a.m. When firefighters arrived, they found a fire in the kitchen and blaring smoke detectors.

The woman’s body was found in a bedroom on the second floor of the house.  Officials say nobody else was in the house at the time.  Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire quickly and reported that it seemed to have started in the kitchen and that most of the damage was done in the kitchen.  Damage was estimated at $60,000.   It is not known why the victim was unable to leave the house.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of the woman involved in this tragic accident.

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