Three house fires in four days in Iowa

From Saturday to Tuesday there were four house fires in the state of Iowa, one proved fatal and killed an 18 year-old man.

Fire Marshals claim that most fires occur between October and May, and especially during the winter months. Investigators believe the house fire that killed the teenager was caused by a space heater. The smoke alarms in the home were not working at the time the fire broke out.

Firefighters say that 86% of deadly fires are caused because homes or apartments do not have working smoke detectors. The fire marshal’s office donated and installed over 20,000 smoke detectors in homes with young children and an additional 11,000 will be installed free of charge.

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Man suffers burns when field catches fire

An elderly man working alone in his field has suffered burns on his arms, legs, and face after a fire broke out last Thursday. The 80 year-old farmer was in his tractor cutting cornstalks at the time.

A neighboring farmer saw smoke coming from the field and immediately phoned 911. He says he had a fire break out in his field that morning as well. The man was taken to the Humboldt County Memorial Hospital, and then flown by Mercy One helicopter to the University of Iowa’s burn unit.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. More than eight fires were reported that day in Humboldt County and dozens more across northern Iowa after 50mph wind gusts swept through the region.

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Couple Files Lawsuit Against Landlord for Apartment Fire

A couple from Des Moines, Iowa recently filed a lawsuit against their former landlord, who they say caused the death of their granddaughter during a fire at their apartment.

The tragic fire occurred in 2009 after the couple’s neighbor fell asleep while smoking a cigarette. While trying to escape the fire, the couple and their 10-year-old granddaughter were unable to escape from the apartment because their windows were painted shut. The couple’s granddaughter died a day after the fire from smoke inhalation and the man and woman were in comas for several months.

The couple is suing the landlord for painting their windows shut and indirectly causing the death of their granddaughter. They are seeking punitive damages.

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Truck Explosions Leave One Dead

A 53 year-old man died in a truck explosion in Idaho. The man was getting fuel from a friend’s vehicle, when the vehicle exploded suddenly. The friend was unharmed, but the 53 year-old man was killed instantly.

Another explosion occurred when a 49 year-old man’s truck caught fire after losing power. The truck was severely damaged and was on fire for over two hours. Fortunately, the man was not harmed.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with the friends and family of the victim of this vehicle explosion.

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Home destroyed in Des Moines fire

A home in a mobile home park in north Des Moines was destroyed by fire on Tuesday around 5 p.m.

Firefighters arrived on the scene after receiving a call from passerbyers who had spotted the fire. However, it was difficult for fire trucks to actually reach the scene because the road leading to the mobile home park had not been cleared after a freezing rain on Monday. Although they were able to extinguish the fire before it spread to other residences, the home was destroyed. Luckily, no one was hurt in the fire.

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