Howard County one-truck rollover accident case to be retried

A Howard County jury in Iowa awarded almost $1.6 million to Cresco resident Kelsey Bronner on Aug. 12, 2016, who sustained injuries in a one-vehicle rollover accident on April 20, 2008, while she was a passenger in a vehicle owned by Cresco-based Reicks Farms Inc. However, this award will likely be scrapped due to developments in the trial.

According to Bronner’s legal counsel, Nick Rowley, she was 15 at the time she had her right ear torn off due to the accident, causing her to suffer permanent disfigurement, nerve damage to the right side of her face, a broken nose, and broken cheekbones.

In November, Trial Judge Margaret Lingreen of Postville in Allamakee and Clayton counties decided that the rebuttal argument made by Bronner’s attorney during closing arguments was prejudicial to the defendant, noting that “it is probable a different result would have been reached, but for that misconduct. The court concludes defendant is entitled to a new trial, as misconduct of the prevailing party’s counsel materially affected defendant’s rights at trial.”

Defense attorneys, in their motion for a new trial, said Bronner’s lawyers uttered “improper statements and arguments to the jury which included personal opinions of counsel, personal vouching of their client, improper reference to defendant and to defense counsel.”

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Iowa State University and new company team up to build better football helmets

An Iowa State University student has teamed up with Cross Over, a new company started by two Iowa residents, a television producer and a financial adviser, two neighbors from Carroll.

The two are worried about the future of football if the safety of the sport is not improved. That’s why they started working on ideas and partnering with engineering students at ISU to design an effective and safe football helmet to prevent concussions. This movement came to fruition in June with the university’s new program, The Startup Factory. The Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa executive director said parents and athletic medical staff are increasingly worried because no one knows how many concussions one person can take. He noted that he “applauds anybody who tries to develop a better safety device.”

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Iowa State University bus driver found guilty in student’s death

A 23-year-old Ames in Story County-based Iowa State University bus driver on Monday, August 1 pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge in relation to the vehicular accident that resulted in the death of an 18-year-old student on December 14, 2015.

The driver’s charge gives him the possibility of being imprisoned for up to 30 days. The Story County Attorney’s Office said the case will begin its trial on Tuesday, August 2.

According to court documents, a freshman student who hailed from Urbana was on her way to class for a final test before the semester break when she was allegedly hit by the bus that the school driver had been operating. ISU police found her lying on the crosswalk just a few minutes after she was hit.

The driver was arrested on Jan. 20, 2016 after surveillance video footage revealed he made a left turn against a flashing yield arrow.

Employee loses life in waterpark accident

A fatal accident on the Raging River ride at the family-owned amusement park Adventureland occurred on Tuesday, June 7, according to an article of the Des Moines Register.

According to preliminary investigations, a park employee was stationed at the water ride assisting riders onto the ride, when he slipped and fell. The accident fractured the employee’s skull and eventually resulted in the employee’s death on Saturday, June 11. The employee was identified as a 68-year-old man, who was enjoying retirement with his wife. The retired postal worker had worked at the park for only six days at the time of the accident.

Security staff at the amusement park immediately came to his rescue, and he was transported to Mercy Medical Center, where life support was needed to sustain him. The Raging River ride is still open to the public, but the event is being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

University of Iowa settles lawsuit with former football player

A recent report stated that the University of Iowa has agreed to pay $15,000 to settle a personal injury lawsuit filed by a former football player and student who claimed that a high-intensity workout in 2011 made him sick with exertional rhabdomyolysis, causing him to spend a week in the hospital.

The athlete, who is now 26 years old, claimed he was one of thirteen players in the University of Iowa football program who suffered from the same ailment. Exertional rhabdomyolysis is a condition in which over-exertion and excessive muscle strain causes the muscles to deteriorate. This process releases proteins into the bloodstream and increases the risk of kidney disease or failure.

According to an investigative report, the football coaching staff considered the extreme workouts to be a test for revealing which players were willing to work the hardest to be on the team.

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Wallet Hub study ranks Iowa 12th in safety

According to Wallet Hub, a personal finance and economic research group, Iowa is the 12th safest state in the country, the Des Moines Register reported on June 2.

When it comes to financial safety, which focuses on foreclosure, unemployment rates, and health insurance, Iowa ranked seventh. Furthermore, Iowa ranked eighth in road safety, not surprisingly as it was also the fifth lowest in pedestrian and cyclist fatalities.

Iowa’s least safe rankings are in the fields of workplace safety (36th) and natural disasters (37th).

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Cities consider sledding bans

Many local governments have played with the idea of banning sledding, according to the Kansas City Star on February 16, in order to protect the safety of residents and prevent large lawsuits.

Just this January, city council members in Dubuque, Iowa voted to ban sledding in 48 of the city’s 50 public parks and mete out a $750 penalty on those who commit the offense.

Other cities that have also instituted the same protocols are Montville, New Jersey; Lincoln, Nebraska; Columbia City, Indiana; Des Moines, Iowa; and Paxton, Illinois. In Paxton, officials even took away constructed sledding mounds. Other cities have mandated helmets or other safety measures.

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Worker wounded in Iowa chemical fire explosion

Jason Capps was identified as the man injured at the industrial building explosion on 2123 NE 46th Avenue in Saylor Township, Iowa just after 3 p.m. on November 10, WHO TV reported.

Capps was rushed to the University of Iowa Hospital. A friend of his said he may be confined at the hospital for three months. Allegedly, 65% of his body was burned. The fire managed to destroy three business establishments: The Body Parts Store, Zee Zee Outlet, and United Classic Cars.

The investigators are pursuing a lead that suggested a worker transferring chemicals acted as a catalyst for the explosion. Local authorities assessed the damage to the building, which amounted to $1 million and comprised of lost equipment and cars.

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Snowplow accident victim awarded $435,000

The Iowa State Appeal Board decided on October 6 to award payment of $435,000 to Larry Van Westen, a man who was hit by a state snowplow in a February 2012 vehicular accident near Sioux Rapids, the Globe Gazette reported.

The accident transpired when a state Department of Transportation snowplow committed driver error. Eastbound, the snow plow pulled in front of Van Westen’s van, which was heading south on U.S. Route 71. The Clay County Sheriff’s Department conducted the investigation on the incident and the driver from the DoT was charged with failure to yield upon entering the highway.

The three-member panel, which consisted of State Auditor Mary Mosiman, Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald, and state Department of Management director David Roederer, also awarded $10,000 to Van Westen’s wife.

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Boating while intoxicated arrests and accidents dwindle in Iowa

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources had reported that there have been fewer cases of boating injuries caused by intoxicated boating while on state waters, and there are less people getting arrested for boating while intoxicated, according to a September 12 Quad-City Times article.

Law enforcement agents could not pinpoint the exact reason for these dwindling numbers. According to the information from the agency, personal injuries related to boating accidents decreased by 70% since 2010 while boating-while-intoxicated arrests declined by 64% in just two years.

The number of BWIs increased in 2012, when Iowa changed the legal blood-alcohol level for boaters to .08 from .10 in accordance with the state’s operating-while-intoxicated law. Records showed that there were 97 BWI arrests in 2012, which was twice the number of arrests from the previous year. So far this year, there have only been 35 arrests.

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