The importance of understanding your insurance coverage

After a car accident, many people file an insurance claim to receive compensation for damages and injuries. However, insurance companies may contend these claims and may not pay some or all of the requested compensation.

If the insurance company fails to pay the insured party an amount that is required by the insurance agreement, then the insurance company may be committing insurance bad faith. To determine whether this has occurred, the insured party must first establish what the insurance policy covers.

The insurance coverage varies depending on the agreement between the insurance company and the insured party. For instance, a person may have collision coverage and uninsured motorist protection, but may not have property damage coverage. In which case, the insurance company would likely not be guilty of bad faith insurance if it failed to pay for property damages.

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Iowa governor advocates for long-term health decisions

About 400,000 Iowans between the ages of 45 and 65 will soon receive letters from Governor Chet Culver encouraging them to make wise long-term health insurance decisions.

The letter will partly respond to recent reports that many health insurance companies have applied for TARP funds, are raising their policyholders’ monthly premiums, and may be at risk of becoming insolvent.

The governor advises older Iowans to consider long-term options, although he warns them that some companies might be riskier than others. Some Iowans have resisted locking into long-term plans because they fear large future rate increases and a lack of suitable care.

If you or anyone you know has failed to receive insurance payments, contact the Iowa insurance bad faith lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at (515) 225-2600.

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