Ames Man Seriously Injured in Hit and Run Accident

A hit and run incident, which occurred shortly before 2am Friday along Welch Avenue in Campustown, Iowa, is now being investigated by Ames police.

According to an Ames officer in Campustown, Shawn Molitor, 22, was crossing Welch Avenue when he was struck hard by a black pickup driven by Jimmy Hatley. After the accident, Hatley was seen quickly fleeing the scene. However, ISU officers were able to catch up and arrest the suspect. He is now being held at the Story County Jail for charges of reckless driving, serious injury by vehicle, OWI 1st, and leaving the scene of a serious injury accident.

Molitor is now in critical condition at the Mercy Medical Center.

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Infant seriously injured in car accident

A two month-old infant was seriously injured Wednesday morning in Marshalltown after the 25 year-old driver accidentally mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal and drove into basement apartment.

The child was airlifted to Mercy Hospital in Des Moines with serious injuries. There were five people inside of the apartment at the time of crash and they all sustained various injuries. They were transported by ambulance to Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center.

According to the Marshalltown Police Department, the driver will not likely face criminal charges since the accident occurred on private property.

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Ban on cellphone use proposed by NTSB

A total ban on all cell phone and other portable electronic use while driving was proposed early last week by the National Transportation Safety Board. The proposed restriction comes amid rising numbers of deadly car accidents caused by drivers distracted by their phones.

The NTSB in the past proposed a ban on cell phones for commercial truck and bus drivers, but this law would restrict the use to all drivers and include talking, texting, and emailing.

A fatal accident that occurred last year in Missouri was a major point in pushing the board to suggest the nationwide ban. A teenager sent 11 text messages in the final 11 minutes leading up to the multi-car pileup that killed him and another teen.

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Hit-and-run driver found

A 28 year-old woman who crashed into a Miami Beach bus stop and then drove away has been found and charged with four counts of leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in bodily injury. She was stopped by police at a gas station and was later arrested.

Four people waiting for the bus were injured in the accident. Three victims were in serious condition after the crash and the other was taken to the trauma center. Two have now been released and the others are currently in stable condition.

The woman was released after posting bail and will stand trial next month.

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Iowa teen causes deadly car crash

A 16 year-old boy is dead and two others injured after an Iowa teen struck a vehicle while attempting to run from police. The 18 year-old driver plead guilty this week to one count of vehicular homicide and two counts of serious injury by vehicle. Vehicular homicide could put him in jail for ten years and an additional ten for both serious injury charge.

The teen was running from police who believed he stole more than $50 of gas from a local convenient store. As he crossed the intersection of Lincoln Way and Duff Avenue, he struck an SUV and injured the 38 year-old driver. The 16 year-old boy in the teen’s car died at the scene and another passenger, a 14 year-old girl, was sent to a Des Moines hospital.

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Deadly car crash blamed on texting

Two young girls, 18 and 19 years-old, died at the scene of a deadly car crash late last month. Police investigators now say that they believe the 19 year-old driver was texting at the time.

The girl’s car began to drift to the right on Old Lincoln Highway when she over-corrected and drove into the next lane. She collided head-on with an airport shuttle van.

Investigators say the driver made a phone call at 11:10pm and sent a text message at 11:11pm. The crash took place just before 11:15 that night. They found alcohol in the vehicle, but police say that toxicology reports found no traces in their systems.

Iowa woman pleads guilty to hit-and-run

A 22 year-old Waterloo woman has pleaded guilty after she purposefully drove her car over a curb and towards a group of people. One of the people had a stroller with a baby inside. The woman hit the stroller and the child was taken to a hospital but does not have life-threatening injuries.

Waterloo police said the woman had been in a physical argument with several people before she got behind the wheel and attempted to run them over. According to reports, she jumped the curb several times before she hit the stroller. She fled the scene but eventually turned herself in.

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Man dies in Newton car accident

A 65-year-old man from Newton, Iowa died over the weekend in a two-vehicle accident that occurred on Highway 14.

According to reports by the Iowa State Patrol, a 64-year-old woman was driving a vehicle with the man in the passenger’s seat. She was traveling westbound when she ran a stop sign, causing a vehicle driven by a 36-year-old woman to hit the passenger’s side of the car.

The 65-year-old man died at the scene of the accident. The two women involved in the car accident were not injured.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with the friends and family of the man who died in this accident.

Driver responsible for cyclist’s death turns himself in

The man responsible for the car-bicycling accident death of a Cedar Rapids bicyclist in July turned himself in to authorities this week.

Police issued an arrest warrant was issued for the man after police were unable to locate him. Authorities say that the man turned himself in after a friend of his saw a news report about the warrant and told him.

He was charged with failure to yield and having no insurance in his involvement in the July 29 accident. The crash occurred on C Street SW and left the woman cyclist with serious head injuries, from which she died four days later in hospital care.

Elderly man struck and killed in pedestrian accident

According to Des Moines police, a 91-year-old man was struck and killed by a dump truck near the downtown area Monday morning around 8 AM.

The pedestrian-vehicle accident occurred as the man was attempting to cross the road in his motorized wheelchair. According to the dump truck driver, he was making a right turn at the same time and struck the man, who he says he did not see.

Police are still investigating but no charges have been filed.

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