Drinking while boating causes accidents

Many boating or other water activity accidents that occur are the result of irresponsible drinking, officials from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said in a KIMT TV 3 article.

Detective Cameron Manson from the Cerro Gordo Sheriff’s Office agreed with the findings of the DNR, explaining that drinking while boating is the same as driving a car while intoxicated and can result in the same penalties. Both irresponsible actions can also result in injury or death.

Rental boating company Clear Lake Boats worker Austin Horner, who is in charge of talking to customers about boat safety before they enter the water in rented boats, said their company is concerned with the number of people drinking while boating.  He assured that safety is important to the company, but he also knows that many people go to the lake to enjoy alcoholic beverages on the water.

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Drunk boaters cause fatal accident

Two intoxicated boaters caused a deadly accident Father’s Day night on the Des Moines River, killing a 49 year-old knee boarder that was being pulled by one of the boats involved in the crash.

The two men operating the boats were charged with boating while intoxicated. The 46 year-old driver had a blood alcohol level of 0.172, more than twice the legal limit, and the 54 year-old’s was at 0.129. Two passengers in the 54 year-old’s boat were thrown from the vessel and sustained minor injuries.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is currently investigating the cause of the accident. At least a dozen eyewitness statements offer unclear or contradictory events of what transpired.

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