Iowa settles settlement claims totaling $325,000

Iowa’s appeal board approved the payment for several personal injury settlements totaling $325,000.

The claims paid for partially by the state include:

  • $175,000 paid to Clinton resident Merlyn Law, who filed a personal injury lawsuit in 2011 against the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics alleging negligence after surgery
  • $150,000 paid to Melissa Marie Herman’s guardian, Dennis Lee Herman, after a lawsuit was filed claiming Melissa’s wheelchair was not properly evaluated by the state hospital, resulting in her injury
  • $900 paid to Daniel Ritter after he claimed that negligence on the part of the state caused their State Fair tent to collapse onto his car
  • And $500 paid to Eleanora Anderson, who claimed she was assaulted by state prison officers during the time she spent at the Iowa Correctional Institute for Women

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Ames Man Seriously Injured in Hit and Run Accident

A hit and run incident, which occurred shortly before 2am Friday along Welch Avenue in Campustown, Iowa, is now being investigated by Ames police.

According to an Ames officer in Campustown, Shawn Molitor, 22, was crossing Welch Avenue when he was struck hard by a black pickup driven by Jimmy Hatley. After the accident, Hatley was seen quickly fleeing the scene. However, ISU officers were able to catch up and arrest the suspect. He is now being held at the Story County Jail for charges of reckless driving, serious injury by vehicle, OWI 1st, and leaving the scene of a serious injury accident.

Molitor is now in critical condition at the Mercy Medical Center.

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Driver Not at Fault In Car vs. Bicycle Accident

The driver of a car that hit a bicyclist on Sunday is not at fault, police said. They did have to issue him a ticket for not having his proof of insurance. According to witnesses 47-year-old Dan Bell had no way to avoid the accident.

A friend told police that her warned Michael Olson, the injured bicyclist, that a car was coming and not to ride into the street. He said Olson proceeded to ride in a circle and then cross the street in front of the car, in an attempt to beat the vehicle.

The driver, Bell, heard the bicyclists but could not stop his car in time. 39-year-old Michael Olson had suffered severe ankle injuries and road rash. Olson says that he cannot remember what happened.

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Icy Conditions Cause Multiple Accidents in Des Moines

Iowa state troopers responded to numerous traffic-accidents on Monday, largely caused by icy conditions. Sources report that as of early Monday morning, nearly a half-dozen traffic accidents had been reported, some including injuries to drivers and passengers.

Authorities believe that motorists may have been driving too fast for the slick conditions on the roadway and may have been able to avoid the accidents had they been more cautious behind the wheel. It is important for drivers of all vehicle types to practice caution during inclement weather to protect themselves and others while driving.

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Woman hits two pedestrians, multiple cars and a building

A 30-year-old woman from Iowa lost control of her vehicle and hit two pedestrians Sept. 19. Lucie Sabimana of Hiawatha was driving in a Goodwill parking lot when she ran into two people standing in the parking lot.

After hitting the two pedestrians, Sabimana hit a few other vehicles and then hit a buildiing. According to police reports, Sabimana and the two pedestrians were injured in the accident, but only sustained minor injuries.

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Thorny legal issues surround “rollover” deaths in car accidents

When a fatigued driver hits another car and the accident results in the death of a passenger in the other car, prosecutors are divided on how to treat these deaths. In some cases, plaintiffs choose to file negligence charges and sue for compensatory damages. In others, plaintiffs do not file charges, believing the pain from the tragedy is enough to punish the careless driver.

These cases, and other auto accident deaths that result from negligent drivers, are commonly called “rollover” accidents. These accidents are often tricky to prosecute because of the difficulty of gathering evidence. Investigators are usually unable to gather evidence proving that the driver was fatigued or driving in a similar careless way.

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