Howard County one-truck rollover accident case to be retried

A Howard County jury in Iowa awarded almost $1.6 million to Cresco resident Kelsey Bronner on Aug. 12, 2016, who sustained injuries in a one-vehicle rollover accident on April 20, 2008, while she was a passenger in a vehicle owned by Cresco-based Reicks Farms Inc. However, this award will likely be scrapped due to developments in the trial.

According to Bronner’s legal counsel, Nick Rowley, she was 15 at the time she had her right ear torn off due to the accident, causing her to suffer permanent disfigurement, nerve damage to the right side of her face, a broken nose, and broken cheekbones.

In November, Trial Judge Margaret Lingreen of Postville in Allamakee and Clayton counties decided that the rebuttal argument made by Bronner’s attorney during closing arguments was prejudicial to the defendant, noting that “it is probable a different result would have been reached, but for that misconduct. The court concludes defendant is entitled to a new trial, as misconduct of the prevailing party’s counsel materially affected defendant’s rights at trial.”

Defense attorneys, in their motion for a new trial, said Bronner’s lawyers uttered “improper statements and arguments to the jury which included personal opinions of counsel, personal vouching of their client, improper reference to defendant and to defense counsel.”

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