Women hit by police officer with vehicle awarded over $400,000

Three women who were struck by a Des Moines, Iowa police officer were awarded with $422,784 by a Polk County jury on February 15th. The officer was accused of striking the women as he drove through the intersection of 19th Street and Forest Avenue near Evelyn Davis Park in his Ford Crown Victoria at around 2:30 a.m. on April 27, 2013.

The three women – two of them 25-year-olds and one of them a 26-year-old – were traveling north through the intersection in a Chevrolet Impala when the police officer’s Crown Victoria crashed into their vehicle. The police officer had no emergency lights or sirens on.

A legal advisor for the women injured in this case said that the women were told by their doctors that “they will have chronic injuries for the rest of their lives” due to wounds sustained in the crash.

The three women will each get $244,000 for future pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

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