Benefactors sue foundation due to golf-car accident

Terrace Hill Society Foundation benefactors James and Ellen Hubbell recently filed charges against the mansion’s foundation due to a golf-car accident that injured Ellen on Halloween night last year.

According to the lawsuit filed on June 27 in Polk County District Court, the Hubbells were thrown from a golf cart during their stay at a Terrace Hill fundraiser, “causing severe and permanent injuries” to Ellen. It isthe couple’s contention that the foundation was guilty of negligence because a seat on one of their golf carts was loose. They did not name the state government of Iowa as defendants in the case.

According to the Hubbells’ attorney, the Hubbells were required by the foundation’s insurance company to file a lawsuit so that it could file an indemnification claim against the owner of the golf cart, which was loaned to the foundation the night of the fundraiser.

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