Crash in Iowa kills Evergreen student

Police have identified Evergreen, Colorado college freshman, Madison “Addie” Hubert, as one of the two casualties in the road accident that occurred in Iowa the evening of Saturday, March 23.

Cornell College said two of its students, 18-year-old Hubert and Colin Bertucci, who suffered injuries, became victims of the two-car accident that happened on Highway 1 just north of Solon, Iowa at around 9 p.m.

Hubert died at the scene of the accident while Bertucci, along with three members of his family, were wounded.

68-year-old Wilbur D. Bigler of West Union, Iowa, who slammed into the Bertuccis’ car—of which Hubert was a passenger of—after Bigler’s car skidded and slid along the highway after losing control of his car, also died in the auto accident.

Hubert was a graduate of the Denver School of the Arts.

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