Des Moines hospital sued by adoptive parents of baby boy

Mercy Medical Center, a hospital in Des Moines, was recently sued by the adoptive parents of a boy who claim that the hospital did not correctly identify the physical abuse that the boy was suffering at the hands of his parents. The lawsuit is citing recklessness and negligence of the hospital’s employees.

The boy, whose father is now facing 20 years in prison on child endangerment charges, was taken to Mercy Medical Center in June 2009 for a broken arm. Doctors refused to perform a CT scan on the boy’s broken arm, and they did not question the boy’s parents about the injury. The boy was then readmitted to the hospital a month later after suffering a bleeding brain and brain stem injury that was consistent with injuries suffered in shaken baby syndrome.

The boy now has to use feeding tubes because he cannot swallow, and he does not move except for when he has seizures. The adoptive parents of the boy are seeking damages for past and future medical expenses, as well as loss of function and enjoyment of life.

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