Teen calls 911 as car sinks into creek

A 17-year-old was involved in a accident that caused his car to slip into Mud Creek. He then called 911 as the car was sinking into the water in order to save himself and three friends.

The four friends were riding in a two-door vehicle and two other vehicles were behind them on Northeast 54th Avenue when Mud Creek spilled over the roadway. The teen then called police but had no time to tell them their location.  Luckily, police officials used GPS technology on the cell phone to find the stranded vehicles.

All of the teens in the car escaped through the passenger door window. There were 10 survivors of the accident, but a 16-year-old female lost her life in the rapid flood waters.

Auto accidents can cause serious injury and change the lives of all people involved, our condolences are with the family of the victim.

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