Truck Tire Blowouts

It is important to use the utmost caution when making your way through traffic, especially if you are driving near an 18-wheeler. If an 18-wheeler’s tire blows out, serious accidents can occur, and in some instances, truck tire blowout accidents can be deadly. Sadly, many tire truck blowout accidents could be prevented by trucking companies and drivers acting safely and ensuring that their trucks are safe to drive.

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Causes of Truck Tire Blowouts

The following are the three most common causes of 18-wheeler tire blowout accidents:

  • Tire recaps – In order to save money, truck drivers may try to repair tires instead of replacing them.
  • High mileage – Truck companies are responsible for ensuring that worn down tires are replaced.
  • Mismatched tires – Failure to ensure that the right type and size of tire is put on an 18-wheeler can cause a blowout.

If you were injured because of an 18-wheeler tire blowout, you should not be forced to deal with the expenses related to your accident on your own.

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