The Expert Witness

A personal injury claim usually relies on more information than just legal facts. Demonstrating how an injury occurred and how severe it is can require input from many different fields. Of course, judges and juries are usually cautious about taking an attorney’s word on a non-legal issue. This is why building a strong case sometimes requires the assistance of an expert witness.

An expert witness is someone with advanced knowledge in a certain field who can lend his or her insight to a case. Sometimes these witnesses are asked to testify in court, or they may simply provide important information to an attorney. At the offices of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., these witnesses are just one of the strategies we use to help our clients. Our Des Moines personal injury lawyers can be reached at (515) 225-2600.

The Role of the Expert Witness

A Des Moines personal injury attorney may decide to speak with an expert witness if any part of his or her case relies on specialized knowledge. It is not the witness’s duty to tell the judge or jury how to settle the case. In fact, he or she is not even permitted to share his or her opinions on any legal aspect of the case.

Instead, the expert witness is there to help the judge and jury understand some part of the case that lies beyond the average person’s knowledge. Some examples of potential expert witnesses include:

  • A physician who describes the causes and/or effects of the plaintiff’s injuries
  • A mechanic or engineer who discusses the flaws of a defective product
  • A psychologist who offers insight into the defendant’s or plaintiff’s behavior

Of course, it is not only the plaintiff in a civil trial who may call an expert witness. Defendants in civil claims also frequently rely on such testimony to build their cases.

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