The Dangers of Exotic Pets

People are drawn to exotic pets like big cats, rare lizards, and primates for many reasons. They are often beautiful and intelligent creatures, making them “more interesting” than ordinary dogs or hamsters. In addition, they are simply not something most people own, making them very appealing to those who want to stand out in a crowd. It is difficult to know exactly how many exotic pets are kept in the US, but estimates are in the tens of thousands.

Unfortunately, exotic pets often come with more challenges and hazards than the rabbits or housecats you can find at the pound. Caring for a large, potentially dangerous animal requires knowledge and talent that some exotic pet owners simply do not possess. At the offices of Des Moines animal attack lawyers LaMarca Law Group, P.C. we believe in holding negligent pet owners responsible for their choices.

Risks Pet Owners May Be Taking

Exotic pet ownership can end very badly for the owner, the animal, and innocent bystanders. Potential risks that these pet owners are taking include:

  • Unpredictable behavior. Chimps, rare birds, large lizards, and so on are not domesticated animals. It is very difficult to predict how they will respond to certain stimuli. Even a seemingly gentle and loving animal can attack if provoked by a loud noise or unusual experience.
  • The spread of disease. The exotic pet trade is often conducted on the black market, making it very difficult for the government to monitor related health issues. People have contracted salmonella, monkey pox, and other serious diseases from pets or performing animals.
  • The potential for escape. Even “normal” pets can be difficult for owners to control. If a potentially dangerous animal like a tiger, bear, or gorilla escapes, it may become frightened and badly injure someone.

Hazards like these need to be considered very carefully before anyone chooses to purchase an unusual animal. If a pet harms another person, its owner is legally responsible for any resulting medical bills, property repairs, and other expenses. A Des Moines exotic pet injury lawyer can provide further information.

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