Prompt Civil Investigation Essential in Fire and Explosion Cases

A prompt investigation to augment police and fire marshal investigations is necessary if you are to obtain the appropriate and just compensation from the insurance company in a civil case. Police and fire authorities typically are concerned with whether or not there has been a crime such as arson. In a civil case, however, you are dealing with an insurance company and the policy will normally contain strict notice, documentation and other proof requirements that need to be understood and put together in a timely and appropriate manner.

Police and fire authorities may concentrate or where they believe the origin of the fire occurred. They are typically not concerned about a comprehensive photographic inventory of the personal valuables or contents. Such a photographic inventory is necessary in order to provide as much evidence as possible as to the extent and nature of damage to real property and damage to personal property located within the structure.

We cannot emphasize too strongly the need to promptly put together an efficient initial investigation team on short notice so as to protect our client’s interest relating to a fire or explosion. Our resources and experience allow us to select and retain the best expert witnesses who have the appropriate credentials for courtroom testimony with respect to every aspect of fire and explosion cases.

Whether the fire or explosion is large or small, we know how to develop a timely and strategic plan for each matter that is cost effective and makes sense. We can bring the level of expertise and experience required in all types of fire and explosion cases, regardless of size. This experience includes being able to locate and work with fire and explosion forensic experts who can provide courtroom required scene examination and preservation of evidence and causation analysis. From our past experience with them, these experts know that the trial lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C., are knowledgeable in both the substantive and procedural law required for the proper and effective courtroom presentation of these cases.

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