Paying for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Accidents happen. For the most part, though, when accidents happen it is attributable to the negligence of an individual or a corporate entity. Many times, these incidents result in moderate or severe injuries to the victims and the medical bills alone can cost thousands of dollars. Once property concerns, lost income, and other considerations are also taken into account, the effects of a single moment of misfortune can become absolutely staggering. Under some circumstances, it is appropriate to pursue a legal action against the parties responsible for causing your injury.

Accident victims often worry about how they will be able to afford to retain the services of an attorney who will argue their case, but they need not. To learn more about your legal rights in the aftermath of an injury accident, contact the Des Moines personal injury lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (515) 225-2600 to speak with a skilled and experienced attorney.

How Contingency Fees Work

Unlike the attorneys who practice in some other areas of the law, most personal injury lawyers are willing to work on a contingency fee basis. This is sensible because it ensures that they only accept cases that they believe have merit and it requires that they are confident in their own abilities. Such a system allows an aggrieved individual to seek civil justice even if he or she does not have significant financial resources. Some things to note about typical contingency fee agreements:

  • The attorney will not require any payment unless your case is successful
  • The value of the legal fees will almost always be based on a percentage of the award that you are granted by a judge or jury
  • The percentage varies but is typically between 25-40% of the award

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