Malunions of Bone Fractures

A broken or fractured bone is a painful and inconvenient injury, but the treatment for a fracture is a relatively simple matter of setting the bone and immobilizing the area. This can be achieved with a cast or split, which allows the re-aligned bone to knit back together properly as the body heals itself.

Frustratingly, however, if the medical professional treating the injury fails to properly set the bone before splinting the limb or applying a cast, the patient’s fracture will begin the healing process without the proper alignment necessary to a full recovery. Such a defect is called a malunion and can result in serious repercussions and complications.

Effects of Malunions

Mistakes in the treatment of fractured bones are unfortunately common. When a doctor makes an error in setting a fractured bone, the victim may experience such complications as:

  • Mobility limitations of the affected body part
  • Death and decay of parts of the bone tissue
  • Infections within the bone
  • A decrease in the overall length of the affected limb

Medical professionals are expected to carry out their duties in a competent and effective manner, and the consequences of failing in that responsibility are frequently serious for the victims.

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