Leading Causes of Back Injuries

Damage to any part of the spine can be very painful, and may even result in temporary or permanent disability. Unfortunately, these injuries are also very common. Researchers estimate that about 80% of adults will experience a back injury at some time in their lives. While most of these injuries will cause only short-term discomfort, others may seriously disrupt people’s lives.

Many back injuries are caused by preventable accidents or even deliberate attacks. In such cases, victims are sometimes able to receive compensation from the parties that injured them. If you have suffered a back injury such as a slipped disc, spinal cord damage, or cracked vertebrae due to someone else’s behavior, the Des Moines personal injury lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. can help. Call us at (515) 225-2600.

Common Injuries

While spinal problems can be caused by unavoidable problems like genetic conditions, most are the result of accidents and assaults. You may want to discuss your options with our experienced Des Moines spinal injury lawyers if you have suffered from an incident such as:

  • A motor vehicle accident caused by a reckless driver. Car accidents are the leading cause of serious back injuries. People who speed, drive drunk, or break other traffic laws can put others around them at serious risk.
  • A fall. Falls caused by slips, trips, or defective structures are common causes of debilitating spine injuries. Diving accidents are also a common source of back problems – particularly dives into shallow water.
  • Assault. Sadly, attacks involving knives or guns are one of the leading causes of severe back injuries. People who commit these crimes can face both civil and criminal penalties.

Back injuries can cost people in many ways, from medical bills to reduced earning capacities to a lower quality of life. While successful lawsuits cannot undo all of these problems, they can at least help victims regain some of what they have lost.

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