Dangers of Speeding

There is a reason that over 40 million speeding tickets are issued every year. Millions of people choose to ignore speed limits and place more importance on getting to their destinations quickly than on following these rules. Speeding is a conscious decision. This decision may be the difference between getting to a destination safely and being involved in a serious car accident.

How Speed Limits are Determined

There are entire career fields in which people study safe speeds. States and cities determine these numbers by looking at these basic factors:

  • Volume of traffic
  • Number of lanes
  • Division of road
  • Visibility
  • State of roads
  • Construction
  • Access points
  • Curves
  • Time of day
  • Accident statistics

There is a legal responsibility to follow posted speed limits. There is a conscious choice that people make when deciding whether or not to speed, and therefore, a person is acting recklessly if they are surpassing the posted speed limit. When a person decides to ignore speed limits and causes a car accident, they can be held responsible for their victim’s pain and suffering. This means they may be held responsible for financial damages. Compensation may be available for an accident victim’s medical bills, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering.

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