Burn Myths

When you or someone you love experiences a burn, you may want to treat it in order to eliminate pain and reduce swelling. There are various methods that you may have heard of, but they might not be the right way to treat your injury. In order to make sure you do not exacerbate the damage caused by the burn, consider educating yourself on the following burn myths.

Burns can sometimes occur purely due to human error, but in other instances, they may be the fault of another party. For example, if a product malfunctions and overheats to dangerous temperatures, you may be able to bring your case to a court of law in order to gain financial compensation to help pay for any resulting injuries. To learn more about burn injuries and your rights as a victim, contact the Des Moines personal injury lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (515) 225-2600.

False Methods for Treating Burn Injuries

The following are some common myths relating to the treatment of burn injuries:

  • Butter: Though the temperature of the butter may initially make your burn feel better, it will quickly melt and retain heat. It can also spread harmful bacteria.
  • Cold beat: Similar to butter but can also multiply the burn in your skin.
  • Alcohol: Though you may think this will disinfect your burn, it may make your pain worse.
  • Ice: Ice can further injure the skin. A cool compress is more effective.
  • Never pop blisters. It will inhibit the natural healing power of your body and could become infected.

The right way to treat a burn is by using a cold compress on the affected area and letting the area heal on its own. Consult with a doctor if the burn does not heal over the next week, as it may be more serious than initially thought. In addition to speaking with a physician, you also may want to consider speaking with an attorney about the legal ramifications of your burn injury. You may be able to receive funds to help pay for your injuries if it was due to someone else’s negligence.

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