Why is it important to seek legal help as soon as possible following an accident?

A lot of people don’t realize when they’ve been in an automobile accident or they’ve suffered some other type of injury due to someone’s negligence that they need to seek legal help almost immediately. People sometimes wonder whether they should contact a lawyer, whether they want to contact a lawyer. They don’t realize that any personal injury case is handled on a contingent fee basis where if there is no recovery, there is no fee. But you need to get to a lawyer quickly, because there are a lot of issues. Not just legal issues but medical issues, insurance issues that need to be made at the appropriate time and correctly the first time.

The other thing is, with respect to the injury producing occurrence, whether it’s a motor vehicle collision, whether it’s a premises liability case, we have staff investigators to go out there to preserve the evidence. To take photographs. To take measurements. We want to talk to witnesses when the occurrence is fresh in their minds. We put all of these together in every case as though the case is going to go to trial even though most cases are settled. By doing that, the insurance companies know we’ve done our homework. We’ve touched all the bases and if the case is one of those rare ones that does go to trial, we’re ready. We’re prepared and we’ll be effective.

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