What should I do if I have been bitten by a dog but don’t want to sue the owner?

Something that I don’t think people realize about dog bite cases, which by the way can result in very serious life altering injuries, is that these are really insurance matters. People are reluctant to sue the neighbor whose dog bit their child, or a friend, or a relative, but these types of injuries are typically covered by homeowner policies or business policies. So you’re not dealing with or suing or making a claim against a friend, a relative, or a neighbor, but the insurance company who has provided coverage and to whom they’ve paid premiums for this exact protection.

I’m always surprised later to find that people didn’t file suit and lost the right to file suit because time had past because they didn’t want to sue a friend or a relative, not knowing that, in reality, that’s not what you do. That there’s insurance in these cases and that’s why these people have been paying premiums in the first place: for the protection that they find themselves needing.

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