What role does a doctor play in the case?

Often times people want to know what role their doctor will play in the case. The treating physician plays an important role. First and foremost, we want our clients to get as well as they can be as soon as they can be. That’s very important. No matter what type of compensation you get someone, money can’t replace health.

First and foremost we want to make sure that our clients are being treated by appropriate professionals and appropriate medical specialists and from experience we know that certain specialist can help with certain injuries more capably than others. We have a good working relationship with medical professionals, not just in the greater Des Moines area, but also throughout the state. They know they can count on us to assist them with the medical legal issues involved in the case and providing the required reports and assisting their patients and our clients in this process. Doctors and health care providers get involved in insurance issues and reports in terms of prognosis. It’s really a collaborative experience. We’re really very comfortable working with health care providers.

In fact, some of our lawyers including myself belong to the Organization of Legal Medicine. It’s an organization comprised of both medical professionals and legal professions working toward the betterment of those common issues that we have in helping our patients and our clients in personal injury and in death cases.

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