What makes interstate trucking accident cases unique?

Interstate trucking cases are some of the most complex motor vehicle cases that can present to a law firm. At LaMarca Law Group, P.C., we’ve had extensive experience in these types of cases. Not only because our firm is at the crossroads of I-35 and I-80, but because of our vast experience in handling a variety of personal injury matters. But interstate trucking cases require very quick investigation, very quick gathering of professionals such as accident re-constructionists, engineers, and other professionals, to document the scene and determine what happened in these complex cases. We have a track record of working with the Iowa Highway Patrol and local law enforcement agencies to get there quick. We work with them getting their information and putting our civil investigation together, which is different than the criminal investigation that the law enforcement officers are there for. We know that there are additional pieces of evidence that have to be preserved.

In addition to the investigation of the scene and the cause of the collision, the background really determines how you put the case together. Most trucking cases are the result of drivers who aren’t following the rules. Drivers who are fatigued, drivers who have been driving longer than what the law requires. That’s why when we get these cases we have to make sure to subpoena the driver’s logs, making sure that we get both sets of the logs because they often keep two sets: one to show the highway patrol and one that really shows what they’re doing. We have to subpoena records from their employer or the party hiring them.

It is so important to get a qualified trial attorney in an interstate trucking case as soon as possible. At LaMarca Law Group, P.C., we’re members of the professional group of Interstate Trucking Attorneys. We have available to us all of their resources and contribute to the organization as well to make sure that when we handle these cases we have the latest and best resources available.

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