What are the issues involved in traumatic brain injury cases?

Traumatic brain injury case are some of the most complex cases that we handle. They require attorneys who have had expertise in these cases so that they know what resources the families are going to need. They know what legal issues are involved. They know what rehabilitative issues are involved. They also involve difficult insurance issues and healthcare issues. All these things from experience we can bring to bear in traumatic brain injury cases.

One aspect of traumatic brain injury cases is not the very obvious traumatic brain injury but what we call the very subtle closed-head injury where there is no dramatic injury that is demonstrative. Yet we know people who have had a blow to the head who’ve had neuron sheering. It’s even difficult to detect neuron sheering with medical imaging. It can cause long term personality disorders and long-term memory deficits. We’re always cognizant of signs and symptoms of that in our clients who seemingly have been involved in not very dramatic injury producing occurrences. Nevertheless, they will have an injury that will be very dramatic and long lasting.

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