What are some common mistakes made by injury victims?

Common mistakes that we see people make in injury cases are dealing with the insurance company. Telling the insurance company that, for example, that they are in financial hardship or explaining the case in a way that is used against them later. This is a very professional experience that people are getting into, and that people don’t really realize. They think, “Well, I’m gong to contact the insurance company for the party responsible, and they’ll take care of me.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. They’ve got their own job to do. It’s not that they’re going to be unprofessional, but they are professionals in their own right. They have their own interests, and that’s what they are duty-bound to look out for. You need to look out for your own interests, and the best way that you do that is to get a good trial attorney who knows your rights, who can tell you your rights and who can protect your rights.

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