What advice would you give someone who has just been injured in an accident?

It is very important after you’ve been in an accident where there have been personal injuries that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Not because it is what people might expect to hear from a lawyer, but because I know all of the things that have to be done on a timely basis and all of the decisions that have to be made correctly the first time. There’s going to be insurance issues. There’s going to be financial issues. There’s going to be medical care issues. There’s going to be health insurance issues, not just liability insurance issues. Even “what do you do with your medical bills? Do you submit them to your own insurance carrier? For your automobile to your health insurance carrier? Or do you submit them to the insurance carrier of the party that caused your injuries?” These are all complex decisions that are not the same answers in every case. That’s where our experience comes in so we know that in your case we make an analysis and make an assessment and we can guide you through all of those processes that are going to be necessary. When the insurance company contacts you, they’ve already got a game plan. They know what they are looking for. They will take a statement from you that they can use against you later. You’re answering questions maybe thinking about one thing, and they’re asking a question going somewhere else. So, it is very important to get an experienced trial attorney on your side as soon as possible after a personal injury case.

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