If my spouse is killed in a wrongful death accident, do I have any rights?

Wrongful death cases present some of the most tragic circumstances we see as trial lawyers. Often times family members or relatives wonder do they have any rights? And under Iowa law there are a number of ways that they can recover for their loss of society, companionship, support and services of a loved one or a family member. We’re here to guide them through this process, and it’s a complex process. Over the past years, we have realized our clients need not just legal advise and competent trial lawyers, but a whole host of other resources and professionals. We’ve partnered with a number of medical and psychological and financial professionals who we know have a proven track record of helping our clients. And we want to make sure our clients get access to all these other resources, and we then concentrate on the legal aspects of their case in conjunction with all these other resources. We want to help them not just through the legal process, but also through the life changing process that we know wrongful death in a family can make.

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