If my case is relatively small, will I get the same attention as larger cases?

At LaMarca Law Group, we enjoy a good reputation for handling a wide variety of cases and a lot of the major cases are the ones that get the attention. I sometimes worry that people don’t come to us because they think “Well my case isn’t big enough.” Well we have a lot of cases that go all the way across the spectrum. In fact, a lot of the large cases that we have gotten have been because we handled the smaller cases effectively and well and people have seen fit to come back to us or refer a family member or a friend or a relative to us. Whether your case is big or small, at LaMarca Law Group we, from the beginning, staff it appropriately. And typically even in a small case there’s at a minimum one attorney, sometimes even two, a legal assistant, and a legal investigator. And they are a part of that team and that provides us continuity. The adage “two heads are better than one” is true and there’s a dynamic there when you’ve got a lawyer, a legal assistant, and a legal investigator who were all tasked with making a result and making a difference in that case, even if it’s one of the smallest cases we have in the office because every case involves people and we’re here to serve people. That’s why we’re doing this – to help people. So we treat every case as though we are the client. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and that has served us very, very well over the years.

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