How has LaMarca Law Group changed the lives of Iowans?

One of the things I’m most proud of at LaMarca Law Group is the changes that we have made in the lives of Iowans — changes for the better. Chances are when you go in an emergency room, there is a practice or a procedure that they are doing different because of a case that LaMarca Law Group brought. Chances are if you are a worker on a construction site or at an industrial site, there are changes in procedures and safety techniques because of lawsuits that we have brought. If you’re on a county road in Iowa, there are design and maintenance changes that have been done differently because of cases that we have brought. So these are cases that not only helped our clients, but we can see making a difference in progress and safety in a variety of areas, and that’s really what energizes us and I think our clients can see that enthusiasm, too. We’re looking at their cases and we know the difference that we need to make in their lives, but on those rare occasions when we can also make a difference in the lives of a lot of other people, that’s a real challenge and that’s what we really strive for.

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