How do the attorneys at LaMarca Law Group contribute to the practice of law in Iowa?

The role of the attorneys at LaMarca Law Group expends beyond the courtroom and the boardroom. We are mentors, educators and advisers in the legal profession. I am very proud of the fact that our attorneys teach law-related courses at Drake University and other public education institutions. I’m proud of the fact that we are continuously asked to be contributors to medical, scientific, and legal journals. Our attorneys have spoken at over 100 seminars to teach legal professionals about trial practice, how to present a personal injury case, how to investigate a personal injury case. We’re often sought out to be educators for these types of presentations. I think that’s because we have shown a commitment, above and beyond, to the cause of personal injury victims and wrongful death victims and our cases have made a difference, so other lawyers look to us, so they can make a difference in their cases. One of the leading works we have done, and I am proud to be the principal author, is a book called Iowa Pleading Causes of Actions and Defenses. This book is a comprehensive source of pleading and practice lawsuit that you could file in the civil arena. And while I am the principle author, I am proud to say that nearly every lawyer at LaMarca Law Group contributed forms and ideas to this book. As a result, it’s widely acclaimed as a go-to resource to successful litigation and practice in Iowa.

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