Does technology play a role in resolving cases?

Technology does play an important role in resolving cases, there’s a variety of technology, whether your talking about ProLaw, which is an information technology system that our law office has, or something that we pioneered in courtroom use and it’s called BodyViz. It’s basically a 3-dimensional scanning and imaging system whereby you can put together X-Rays, MRI’s, CT’s, all into a computer program that we have, as I said, called BodyViz, and you literally get a 3-dimensional view of an injury or a body part. In fact, I say we were the legal pioneers, and we’ve been recognized as such, but these are actually used at medical schools now where doctors can preform operations, virtual operations, because they are so vivid and so real. So, we feel that same vividness and impact in a courtroom in invaluable.

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