Does LaMarca Law Group handle motorcycle injury cases?

We handle every type of motor vehicle case imaginable. Motorcycle cases, for example, are cases that are very tragic, typically because the injuries are very serious. For some reason, motorists just don’t appreciate motorcycles, and it’s not because motorcycles go fast or are violating the rules of the road. It’s amazing, in nearly every motorcycle collision that we investigate, that the safest driver was the motorcycle operator. Yet, they’re often seriously injured because of the negligence of the other drivers. Motorcycles, because they’re smaller than other vehicles, sometimes their speed is difficult to appreciate even from a site distance stand point. They are smaller, that makes them difficult to perceive; also I think people sometimes turn in front of motorcycles not realizing that they don’t have enough time, and that results in very tragic circumstances. We’ve had a lot of experience investigating motor vehicle and motorcycle collisions.

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