Does LaMarca Law Group handle construction site injury cases?

We handle a wide variety of construction site injuries. These often involve looking for third parties who are responsible, even though underlying these cases are typically workers compensation cases. But, when you have a third party or the non-employer who is responsible for, say, a sub-contractors employees injuries on the job site. The recovery is much greater than what you can get in a workers compensation case from your own employer. So when we investigate work site injuries, one of the things we want to determine is: is a third party responsible? Whether it’s a defective product, is a failed scaffolding, a hoist device, an elevator used to haul material, or whether two trades were not properly coordinated by the general contractor. And so we have had a great deal of experience in investigating how these occur, putting the facts together then determining based on the contracts involved who is the real responsible party here. Who could have prevented what happened here? That’s challenging but it is also very rewarding, one of the rewards is you’ve not only helped your client in that case but often times, you point out to the employers this did not have to occur and with a different safety operation or method or procedure involved future workers can be safe.

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